ASK 13 - wingspan 5 m

For the successor to our 4-meter version, particular care was taken to ensure that the skid assembly is simple. For this purpose, the frames have been given an "extension" in the form of the continuous skid, soask13.5 davos 01 that only the wheel housing has to be fitted and the side parts and base plate have to be attached (wheel housing and side parts are included in the milling set). The wings are built with an aileron in hollow profile. The GRP brake flaps extend up and down as in the original.

In the meantime, the prototype has been equipped with an electric motor in order to be independent of towing machines on the level. The ASK 13 also flies absolutely smoothly and like its large counterpart. A so-called C6374-200 kw motor was installed, with a controller in 100 A high-voltage version and 10 LiPo cells (2 x 5 cells) with 5000 mAh. The folding propeller is a 20 x 13 Freudenthaler, which is attached to the motor extension axis with a Ramoser center piece with blade holders.