DSF Weihe - wingspan 3,27 m - milling set

Based on the image of a original drawing from internet, all CAD-drawings have been created. A special challenge was the wing connection which, unlike the original, does not allow the wings to collide in the middle. At this point there should be an easier to build construction. The appropriate fuselage formers have been widened horizontally, so they extend beyond the width of the fuselage. They got pins, which fit exactly in the root ribs of the wings. With this the exactly position ist fixed.

Technical Details:

scale:   1 : 5,5
wingspan:   3270 mm
airfoil profil:   GOE 549 / GOE 676
length of fuselage:   1520 mm
take-off weight:   about 2.800 g
longitudal dihedral:  

elevator, rudder and ailerons, brakes, tow-release

this set of untreated milled parts (no breakpoints) contains:

  • a deep drawed canopy (manufacturer ULMER plastic parts company) suitable for frame construction
  • all wooden-milled parts of the fuselage, including frame of the canopy,parts of the wings and the tail
  • 1 : 1 construction plan
  • a detailed and illustrated construction manual
  • pictures from buildup and construction

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