DSF Weihe - wingspan 3,27 m - wooden kit

The weight of the prototype after completion was particularly gratifying. The glider model weighs only 2850 grams with the built-in RC system! It's also very pleasant that the Weihe can be assembled in just a few minutes. And the surface fastening we used with the rubber bands (see picture gallery) holds very well! 
Since the winds on the slope did not work for the first flight, we soon installed an additional towing coupling.

Technical Details:

scale:   1 : 5,5
wingspan:   3270 mm
airfoil profil:   GOE 549 / GOE 676
length of fuselage:   1520 mm
take-off weight:   about 2.800 g
longitudal dihedral:  

elevator, rudder and ailerons, brakes, tow-release

this set of untreated milled parts (no breakpoints),
ready for construction, contains:

  • a deep drawed canopy (manufacturer ULMER plastic parts company) suitable for frame construction
  • end blocks and wood for nose edge
  • wood for shear webbing
  • all wooden-milled parts of the fuselage, including frame of the canopy
  • wood for covering
  • all strips for spars and straps
  • wood for the skid
  • a 1 : 1 construction plan (rolled)
  • a detailed and illustrated construction manual with parts list
  • a CD with a lot of pictures from buildup and construction

price: 310 euros plus shipping costs

available on request:

  • brakes made of GRP – price: 26 euros (set)

  • wing connection with 10 mm in diameter and torsion (6 mm) – price: 23 euros

Delivery time: about two to three weeks