Doppelraab V - wingspan 3,24 m - wooden kit

Video of Doppelraab V

Technical Details:

scale:   1 : 4
wingspan:   3200 mm
airfoil profil:   Clark Y
length of fuselage:   1725 mm
take-off weight:   about 3.600 g
longitudal dihedral:   about 2°

elevator, rudder and ailerons, brakes, tow-release

this set of untreated milled parts (no breakpoints) contains:

  • jig for construction of the fuselage
  • all wooden-milled parts of the fuselage, of the wings, rudder tail and skid, including parts for construction of prototypical brakes
  • all strips for spars, straps, ailerons and struts
  • material for shear webbing
  • material for end blocks, strips for nose and auxiliary nose and end strips
  • a detailed and illustrated construction manual
  • pictures from buildup and construction
  • 1 : 1 construction plans


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