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the Rhönlerche on top of Wasserkuppe

Our fellow aviator Gerhard Niesner is regularly in the Rhön and also made his first flight with the Ka4. On July 23rd 2019, he reported: 

Last week the Rhönlerche had its first flight, worked wonderfully, the model flies excellent straight away, rushes through the air slowly and even creates a loop. Covered with natural silk and tension varnish and now also with pilot, the total weight is 4785 g. I am very very enthusiastic, thank you for the great kit

Postscript: The picture was taken at the Wasserkuppe, manual start no problem!

Ka 4 Rhönlerche II auf der WasserkuppeOn September 3rd 2019, he wrote again: Again from the Wasserkuppe, just flies great, and great fun!

On 4th of June he sent us this Video









KA4 with a 3,72 m wingspan in Switzerland!

Each of our model gliders is now also flying in Switzerland. Our flying friends from Davos in particular have many models in their hangar. Since last year, this also includes two models of the Ka4 Rhönlerche: