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Ka4 Rhönlerche II - wingspan 5,95 m - milling set

Video of the maiden flight Ka 4 Rhönlerche II - 5,95 metres

On the 25th May 2017 we finally made it – the maiden flight at the flight field of MSC Burgau!

With a light breeze the glider started for the first time at 11:40 h - pilot was Artur, as always. Everything worked right away. The Ka4 keeps her height, she has very good glide ratio and also the bracing curve fit right away. This is certainly due to the good preparation in terms of longitudinal dihedral and center of gravity calculations.

After a 13 minutes flight she landed in sound condition. This was followed by two more flights that day. In the afternoon Philip Kolb took over the helm and managed a thermal flight of about 50 minutes!


Technical Details:

scale:   1 : 2,2
wingspan:   5950 mm
wing depth at root rib:   635 mm
wing depth at end rib:   420 mm
airfoil profil:   Clark Y
lengt of fuselage:   3350 mm
take-off weight:   about 20 kg
longitudal dihedral:   1,8° to 2°

elevator, rudder and ailerons, brakes, tow-release


This milling set is constructed in a way, the fuselage can optionally be divided at frame 8. For this, there are two matching frames included in the set.
Alternatively, the overall length of the fuselage also can be reduced for transport by building the rudder completely removable. That's how the prototype was built and can be seen in the pictures of the fuselage.

With dividing the fuselage at frame 8 there is a length of 2.10 m, with removable rudder the length is about 3.00 m. Wing connection is provided with a diameter of 42 mm incl. joining tube. The wheel case is suitable for a wheel with a diameter between 140 and 142 mm.


this set of milled pieces (no holding points) contains:

  • all wooden-milled parts of the fuselage, of the wings and rudder tail
  • brake flaps set (true to the original), complete for installation
  • a detailed and illustrated construction manual
  • pictures from buildup and construction
  • 1 : 1 construction plans


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