ASK 13 - wingspan 5 m - wooden construction kit

Technical Details:

scale:   1 : 3,2
wingspan:   5000 mm
airfoil profile:   HQ/W-3/13
tail unit profile:   HQ/Acro-0/12
length of fuselage:   2556 mm
take-off weight:   about 14 up to 15 kg (depending on equipment)
RC-funktions:   elevator, rudder and ailerons, brakes, tow-release


The wooden construction kit with finished milled parts (no breakpoints) contains about 415 individual parts. A 32 mm plug is provided in the wing ribs.

In addition to all parts of the milling set, the package contains the following material:

  • covering material for fuselage and wings (1,5 mm Balsa)
  • covering material for the tail unit (1.5 mm Balsa)
  • covering material for the skid and underside of the fuselage (1,5 mm birch plane plywood)
  • straps and spars for fuselage and wings (pine spars)
  • materail for nose strips, shear webbing and nose
  • molding material for elevator, rudder and aileron

and of course:

  • 1 : 1 construction plan (3 sheets - usable without sticking together, rolled)
  • a detailed and illustrated construction manual
  • a list of material
  • a CD (or webtransfer) with a lot of pictures from building up and construction 

Price: 680 euros plus shipping costs

also available on request:

  • GRP brake flaps - Price: 47 euros (set)
  • solid rubber wheel, about 127 mm - Price: 26 euros


Delivery time about two up to four weeks (agreemant with ordering)